Women’s Breast Surgery by Cirugía Mamaria Tres Torres Antiaging Group Barcelona

The goal of breast enlargement is to increase the volume of the breast through the use of breast implants in order to achieve breast enlargement that looks beautiful and natural in line with the wishes of the patient and their body features.

All about Women’s Breast Surgery at Cirugía Mamaria Tres Torres by Antiaging Group Barcelona

Breast Surgery Plastic Surgeon BarcelonaWe carry out plastic surgery for breast enlargement in any time of the year. We are the leading clinic in Barcelona in the field of breast enlargement, thanks to the extensive and renowned experience of Dr. Jesús Benito, current President of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP).

With more than 20 years of experience in breast enlargement and at the forefront of the research for new techniques, our team masters all the techniques for breast enlargement, being the pioneer of subfascial axillary breast augmentation in Spain (2003 McGhan Awards).

Cirugia Mamaria Tres Torres Antiaging Group Barcelona

Which implants do we use in breast enlargement with prostheses?

Currently, the most reliable implants for breast enlargement are those made of silicone. The implants we currently use the most are anatomical implants with textured shells. They give a much more natural result not only in terms of shape but also on touch and they allow us to better correct the asymmetry of breasts. All the brands we work with have passed FDA and EU tests and have the proper certification. Furthermore, they are manufacturers offering guarantees with the implant.

A frequent concern among women is that the size of the implants should be appropriate (so that it is noticeable, but not exaggeratedly so). To this end, in breast enlargement surgery, Doctor Jesús Benito uses some measurements that are specifically designed to ensure that the volume of the implant is at the most appropriate level based on the height and diameter of the chest of the woman.

What will the size of my breasts be?

At our women’s clinic -Cirugía Mamaria Tres Torres by Antiaging Group Barcelona-, you can evaluate what breast size you will due to the measurement system based on 3D simulation with Crisalix. During the consultation session, you will evaluate the type of implant with the surgeon based on the profile and projection.

What is the post-operative period of breast enlargement like?

Right from the first moment, there are no bandages and the patient can wear a bra of her choice.
The results of breast enlargement are immediate, though we recommend you to wait a few months to see the final results. For 3-4 days, we recommend a certain amount of rest. After this period, the woman can often start driving and go back to work. One important thing is to avoid physical exercise or lifting weights for 15 days.

Is there any relation whatsoever with cancer?

There are many studies which have shown that women with prostheses are not more prone to cancer or immune diseases than women without implants. Women with implants can get pregnant and breastfeed their children. It has not been demonstrated that silicone passes onto the milk.

What does the first consultation for breast enlargement in Antiaging Group Barcelona consist of?

womens-breast-surgery-barcelona-clinic-tres-torresThe first consultation is essential to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and therefore, we leave no stone unturned in order to provide you with all the information you need, explaining all the details and steps of surgery as well as the details of the selected implants.

① Consultation with the surgeon (never with a consultant). Whoever is going to perform your operation is the one that provides your consultation.
② 3D Crisalix Simulator.

What does the price of breast enlargement in our Barcelona clinic include?

① Professional fees from the whole medical team involved in the surgery.
② The clinic stay (our Women’s Breast Surgery Unit is located at Clínica Tres Torres).
③ Implants + guarantee of the manufacturer (an implant card is provided).
④ Follow-up examinations for a year with ultrasound scans (first clinic in Spain to do this).
⑤ ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery) Insurance: no charges in the case of corrective surgery (improbable).
⑥ Prices without surprises.

Thousands of women have completely trusted Dr. Jesús Benito and his team of specialist surgeons to undergo a breast enlargement surgery at our Women’s Breast Surgery Unit at Cirugía Mamaria Tres Torres by Antiaging Group Barcelona. Book a free consultation and get your questions answered.

We speak English, Russian and Italian.

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